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A routine chimney cleaning is an important step in preventing fire and smoke damage to your home. Schedule a cleaning (with a complementary inspection) to make sure you're ready to enjoy your fireplace this season.



The crown is a dome shaped layer of cement that seals the area around your flue to the edges of the chimney, keeping all animals and debris from becoming trapped. Cost of crown repair varies, schedule for an inspection and quote.



Every chimney should have a chimney cap to prevent rain, leaves, and animals from entering your home. There are a variety of cap styles and sizes to choose from, schedule an inspection so we can discuss the best options for you. 



Make your fireplace look like new with a firebox repair. Using specialty materials, we can do anything from repair small cracks to total replacement. Schedule an inspection today to discuss your best options.



As the main connection from your fireplace to the outdoors, it is essential that it is in good shape. We cando anything from repair damage to total replacement.


Schedule an inspection to see if a flue repair is the right course of action. 



A damper is the pivoting door that allows smoke to escape outside and keeps cold area from coming down your chimney into your home. As a vital part of your fire burning experience, make sure your damper is up to par by scheduling an inspection today. 


We can provide full consultation to determine if a damper repair is necessary.

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