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Masonry Crown Repair

A well-built chimney crown (aka masonry crown) should last. If you notice unsightly cosmetic or structural damage to your masonry crown, it is important to have a professional take a look.


Make sure to take this important step in maintaining your home and book a chimney crown repair today!

Serving austin and San Antonio

We provide on-time, high-quality chimney crown inspection and repair services at a fair price to all of central Texas.


Our area of operation includes Austin, San Antonio, West Lake, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Manchaca, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Elgin, Hutto, Taylor, Bastrop, Manor, Dripping Springs, Selma, Elmendorf, Seguin, Somerset, Cibolo, and Stockdale. 

If you are located in a nearby town and are unsure if you fall within our service area, give us a call!

Frequently Asked Chimney REpair Questions

1. What do you use to seal a Chimney crown? 

Many homeowners aren't sure how to repair a masonry crown.


Using the right materials and technique is key to repairing a masonry crown. An hour or two or work by an experienced chimney repairman or woman can extend your chimney lifespan by decades. 

As a chimney repair professional, our toolbox includes brushable crown sealer, chimney water repellent, garden pump sprayer, long-lasting chimney caps, tarps, duct tape, and paint brushes. We take care to quickly and efficiently apply multiple coats of waterproof sealer and ensure your cap is a sturdy, integral part of the chimney.

2. How Thick should a chimney crown be?

A chimney crown (the sealed material surrounding the opening) should be no less than 4 inches thick. If properly installed with a downward slope to wick away water from the chimney cap, a masonry crown with proper thickness will ensure the structurally integrity of your chimney and fireplace.

3. Does homeowners insurance cover chimney repair?

Insurance tends not to cover typical fireplace and chimney repairs. Assuming you need an update due to normal wear and tear, that will most likely be an out-of-pocket cost.

This is why our core values include honesty, integrity, and fairness. We make it our mission to make sure you feel taken care of and not taken advantage of.

4. How much does it cost to repair a chimney crown

Crown repairs vary widely. As such, we only price on a per-project basis.

Please give a call and we will get you a quick quote.

5. Do i Really Need a Chimney cap?

Pros: Prevents moisture, downdrafts, and animals from entering the home. Left unchecked, these things can lead to major repair and maintenance costs over time.

Cons: Caps can become clogged with soot from fireplace. Repairing and and/or replaced a broken or clogged cap is exponentially smaller homeowner's cost than fixing damage from moisture or animals.

We recommend all homeowners purchase a chimney cap. It is a marginal cost and will last a very long time if installed right.

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